Police take on clown craze in ‘zero tolerance’ video

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WBAY) – A Massachusetts police department is taking on the country’s recent clown panic with a public service announcement that strikes the right balance of funny and serious.

Dartmouth Police posted the PSA on YouTube. It starts with an officer responding to a report of a suspicious person scaring a girl.

The officer tracks down a “creepy” clown who is less than willing to cooperate. That’s when the reinforcements come in, a la clown car.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kyTwvIJ6FQ

The video ends with a serious message from a detective, who says the Dartmouth Police Department takes a “zero tolerance” stance on the recent clown craze.

Scary clowns and threats invoking scary clowns have been reported across the country, including here in Wisconsin.

In Green Bay, an online threat posted by someone with a Pennywise the Clown profile picture was found out to be a hoax, but forced police to increase presence at local schools.

In Menasha, police say two parents left their child home alone while they went out for a clown scare. The parents were arrested on Child Neglect charges.


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