Touchmark in Fox Crossing making $25 million expansion

The senior living community has a significant waiting list even after its last expansion

Touchmark Senior Living Community

FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WBAY) – Touchmark will expand in Fox Crossing for the second time since 2014. The senior living community with a significant waiting list will expand into a now-vacant nearby building–adding apartments, homes and more to meet the need and direction of senior living.

“I think for a lot of years the idea of moving into a retirement community was thought of as when I need to move,” said Touchmark Executive Director Barbara Pandolfo. “It was need based and the number of people that moved to a community who wanted to was a small percentage.”

But Touchmark says that percentage has changed. more people retire to senior communities for less maintenance and more accessible living. Winnebago’s Aging and Disability Resource Director sees the Baby Boom generation increasing that desire.

“The number of people in the over 60 and over 65 age cohort is increasing at a very fast pace,” said Winnebago County Aging and Disability Resource Director Beth Culp.

The town of Fox Crossing is investing one hundred thousand dollars– agreeing that there’s a demand for senior living.

“Yeah it’s a trend we’ll continue to see in the area and the region,” said Fox Crossing Director of Community Development George Dearborn.

But the growth in space doesn’t fulfill the whole equation of senior living.

“I think we’re not very well prepared from the workforce standpoint of people that are able to assist people,” said Culp.

They say as the community continues to age, they’ll continue to need more help.