Girls pay more than boys for Power Rangers Halloween costume

Power Rangers Halloween costumes
(Photo: WTEN)

COLONIE, N.Y. (WTEN) — Halloween is two-and-a-half weeks away, and costumes are flying off the shelves, but one company is stirring quite a bit of controversy over their girls’ and boys’ Power Rangers costumes.

“A lot of the students, the children wear the Power Ranger costumes so I’m sure we’ll see a couple of them this year,” said Laura Archambault.

It’s a hot Halloween item year after year, but this time, one company is getting some heat for its pink Power Ranger costume.

See if you can spot any differences between the girls’ “Pink Power Ranger Dino Charge Classic” and the boys’ “Black Power Ranger Dino Charge Classic Muscle.”

“They got the bands across the legs, the elastic in the back,” said Janet Chapman.

“It’s the same costume and made by the same company,” Archambault said.

Same costumes, different price. The girls’ pink Power Ranger costume is about $5 more than the boys’.

To see if there was a difference, the boys’ costume was weighed on a scale at the Albany International Airport. The boys’ costume, which is padded with “muscles,” weighs 0.8 lbs. The girls’ costume weighs 0.6 lbs.

So, nearly five dollars more expensive than the boys’ costume and it weighs less.

“It feels like they would need to put more work into the boys, for putting in the little padding so it doesn’t make sense,” said Lorenzo Sampson. “If they use more material, why would it be less?”

“I would question the manager and ask them why would there be a difference of $4.97,” Archambault said. “I would ask them why and I would ask if we could have a price adjustment to make it even because it’s the same costume.”

The costumes are being sold at Walmart but they’re made by Disguise Inc. A spokesperson from the company says they will look into it and get back with an answer.

In the meantime, Walmart was contacted. Their spokesperson also says they will have to check back.

While waiting on those calls, some families are already speculating on the answer.

“Well, it seems companies like to charge girls more,” Chapman said.

“They are obviously charging more for girls because they can, I suppose,” David Sampson said.

Originally published by our Media General sister station WTEN