Appleton officer wounded in shooting speaks at law enforcement event

Officer Stephanie Wiener
Officer Stephanie Wiener

KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) – An Appleton police officer spoke publicly Friday about an encounter last May when she was shot and seriously wounded.

Officer Stephanie Wiener had stopped Marcus Felton, who was suspected in a robbery. After a  stun gun failed to stop Felton he struggled with Officer Wiener and took her firearm. He shot her and a bystander who was trying to intervene, then fatally shot himself.

Wiener spoke for about 15 minutes during a dedication honoring local law enforcement agencies at Keller in Kaukauna. It was one of the first times she’s spoken publicly about the incident.

She said she’s still recovering from a broken hip and she’s had both physical and emotional setbacks.

“I’ve never had to truly fight for my life in the way that I did until that encounter,” said Weiner.

She also said she wishes she could have done more to help Felton before he died by suicide.

“As I reflect on the incident several times daily, I cannot recall a moment in which I felt anger or any bitter feelings towards the man that caused me many physical and mental setbacks. However, I can recall all the times I felt sorry for him and prayed for his soul,” Wiener said.

Wiener also talked about the importance of respecting those who work in law enforcement for the tough job they have.

“Every time I hear of another one of my brothers and sisters in blue being killed in the line of duty due to disrespect and hatred towards police my heart breaks just as every officer’s does,” said Weiner.

As part of the event, Keller made donations to a number of local police agencies to show its support.