Farewell ceremony held for 10 soldiers heading overseas


APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – Ten Army Reservists in Appleton are preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Looking into their eyes you can anxiousness, some nerves, but above all else, pride. The soldiers are from the Army’s 395th Ordnance Company, which is in charge of supplying troops with ammunition.

“Our mission is pretty important. Without us there’s nothing to shoot,” said Staff Sergeant Justin Mainecki, the group’s Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge.

SSG Mainecki has already served three tours of duty and Iraq and Afghanistan. This one is scheduled to last 10 months.

SSG Mainecki says lessons learned from his past will help him teach his men and women today.

“Show them the way, take them under your wing, and tell them what’s right and what’s wrong,” SSG Mainecki says.

The gravity of their journey is not lost on the soldiers. They’re leaving their homes, leaving their families, to serve our country and hope to return safe and sound.

Tanya Kranski visited from Stevens Point to see her best friend, Private First Class Dana Feltz.

“It’s a journey that you have to experience to fully understand it all,” Kranski said. “Yeah, there’s going to be those days that they’re going to be rough. It’s not going to be fun, but she’s strong, and we know that she’s strong.”

Kranski says she plans to write PFC Feltz while she’s away. PFC Feltz says she’s looking at the bright side of things, seeing her deployment as a chance to grow.

“I might just think about when I’m going to be back how I’m going to have grown and changed and how it’s going to be better for me, like, I’m bettering myself for my future,” PFC Feltz said.

The group leaves for Texas Sunday, and we’re told they’ll be overseas in about a month.