Dallas runs over Green Bay


The Packers came into the game with not just the #1 run defense in the league, but they had given up the fewest yards through 4 games in NFL history. 171 through 4 games, but 191 given up against the Cowboys. Rookie Ezekiel Elliott proved he is for real. 

“You know he plays with an attitude and if you play with an attitude at any position you will have some success,” said Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels. “Especially at a position where you have to attack people. As a running back, he accelerates on contact. We let them come in here and prove that they are who everyone thinks they are. That’s what pisses me off the most. We just have to get better. We have to get back to the office and learn from this, there is a lot to learn from this.” 

“The thing that makes him really special is he falls forward,” said Datone Jones. “Most of his runs he falls forward to gain 2 to 3 extra yards. They won the game, so we cannot knock them. They came into Lambeau and won the game. We can’t have that.” 

“He is a big strong running back,” said linebacker Julius Peppers. “You have to tackle him with some authority. I felt like we missed a few tackles that we should have made that could have limited some of those possessions that they had.” 

“They have a great scheme over there,” said linebacker Clay Matthews. “You can tell the running back is running hard. He is a big kid. The quarterback did not make mistakes. It’s a tough loss, but we have to take something away from this. Hopefully down the road we get to see them again.”