Pence discusses claims of rigged election, revolution

Mike Pence interview
(Photo: WDTN)

MASON, Ohio (WDTN) – Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Mike Pence campaigned in Mason, Ohio, Monday afternoon. In a one-on-one interview, our Media General sister station WDTN was able to ask him about rigged election concerns.

Pence wasted no time bringing his supporters up to speed on the news of the day involving opponent, Hillary Clinton’s emails which reveal at least one person at the FBI felt pressure from the State Department to declassify some emails. The FBI and State Department are denying the claim.

“This information gets scant attention though and attacks on my running mate seem to lead the news almost every night,” said Pence.

The fight against the national media has been a hot topic over the weekend, even sparking Donald Trump to claim the election is rigged.

In a one-on-one interview, we asked Pence about it.

Natalie: Are you concerned about a rigged election?
Pence: “I think there’s no question that the bias in the national media is so obvious to the American people. It seems like we get up everyday and the national media is doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her. I think the American people see that and calling out the national media on that –asking them to do a better job, the way the local media does providing the kind of balanced coverage that you provide on a regular basis is, I think, part of this process.”

Natalie: Do you think there’s going to be a revolution if your ticket doesn’t win with Trump/Pence supporters?
Pence: “I think the American people are rising up and come election day we are going to bring real change to this country but in the course of our elections part of the system that you have here in Ohio part of what we have in Indiana is that citizens are encouraged to participate in a precinct by precinct basis in the electoral process and my message to people today is that protecting the integrity of the vote is at the very bedrock of our democracy. The one person, one vote principle is at the very center of the American experience and doing all that we can as citizens to ensure that, will give us all the confidence in the outcome of this election.”