Trump supporters felt obligated to turn out for rally

Trump supporters wave flags

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The first person in line for Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Green Bay said he’d been outside the KI Convention Center since 6 a.m. because he wanted to make sure he got a good seat.

As the line grew, people chanted and waved flags and talked about why they support the Republican nominee for president.

We’ve also seen stands selling Trump merchandise, like hats and T-shirts, buttons and stickers.

Supporters outnumbered protesters outside the downtown convention center, but both sides hoped to have their voices heard.

“Trump is a racist, sexist, a bigot, not fit for presidency. I am not saying Hillary Clinton is better, I am not saying anyone is better, but I am saying he is the worst choice,” Watan Alshakly said.

“He is a workaholic. He knows how to get stuff done, and he is a great commander-in-chief, leader and teacher if you just listen to him,” Erica Smith said.

Supporters told us they felt obligated to be here and spread his message.

“I encourage the people who are here and encourage other voters to get out and speak the truth about who he is,” Randal Thom said.