Dangerous intersection to get roundabout in the Town of Neenah

Highway CB

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Winnebago County Board voted Tuesday night to make changes to what they’re calling a dangerous intersection in the Town of Neenah.

They voted to add a roundabout at County Road CB and Oakridge Road.

Those who live nearby say it’s an intersection where they see too many accidents.

More than two thousand people signed a petition requesting the change.

Much of the funding for the $1.9 million project will come from the state.

At Monday’s meeting, a number of people in the audience wore buttons showing the face of Moriah Munsch.

She died in a crash at that intersection in the Town of Neenah on March 4th.

The sheriff’s department says Munsch hit a van after failing to stop for a stop sign.

Two people in the van were hurt.*

The county board heard from Munsch’s mother, Carol Joubert, before voting. She says a roundabout would have saved her daughter’s life.

“Had the roundabout been there when Mia came upon the intersection, she wouldn’t have died because people don’t have t-bone collisions in roundabouts. It just doesn’t happen. So, it needs to happen. This intersection has been trouble for a long time,” said Joubert.

Winnebago County Highway Commissioner Ernest Winters added, “We found three fatalities in the study going back I believe about 12 or 13 years, and there have been numerous accidents. One thing to keep in mind is most intersections over time due have some accidents unfortunately.”

Once the design concept is approved and the county buys the land for the necessary right of way, construction can begin.

The entire process could take up to three years.

*This report has been updated to reflect that the two people who were injured were in the van, not Munsch’s vehicle, as originally reported.