Hero of Hope


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – A familiar face around Lambeau Field is nominated to receive a national award. Long-time Packers Security Director Jerry Parins is a 2016 “Hero of Hope” finalist.

Almost 10 years after retiring, Jerry Parins is still a fixture at Lambeau Field, helping out part-time with the security team.

It’s not his most important work though.

“Everything we do isn’t just about a cancer, it’s about cancer itself, the effect of any type of cancer, any gender, cancer has no face,” says Parins.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2003, Parins underwent chemo, radiation and surgery.

During his treatment, he helped organize the “Jerry Parins Cruise for Cancer,” which to date has raised more than one million dollars for local families battling cancer.

“We’ve paid rent, we’ve paid car payments, we’ve done those little things because cancer is such a devastating disease in the family no matter who you are. I always say it’s the little things that really mean a lot, and support, cards and just a little love you know, it’s really simple,” says Parins.

Parins compassion for cancer patients goes far beyond his annual fundraiser.

“I get involved with the families now, people will call me and say my grandpa’s got this kind of cancer, Jerry would you be able to come and see him or talk to him, I’ll go at any time,” says Parins.

Six months ago, St. Vincent Hospital informed Parins it had nominated him for the national Hero of Hope award by Conquer—a magazine dedicated to cancer treatment, research and recovery.

Parins says he was humbled to learn last month he is one of six finalists.

Online voting will determine the winner in November.

“I want to win, I want to win. It’s the competitive nature? Well being around here, being around the Packers you gotta be competitive, I mean that’s it,” says Parins with a chuckle.

To vote for this year’s Hero of Hope finalists: https://conquer-magazine.com/vote-for-the-hero-of-hope-patient-award/