Rare WWII nose art collection at EAA Airventure Museum through end of year

EAA World War II Nose Art pin up 6

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – Time is running out to see a Commemorative Air Force Collection at the EAA Airventure Museum.

The 30 plus pieces of World War II nose art heads back to Texas at the end of the year

Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field wasn’t the only show a Dallas Cowboys fan saw before heading back to Oklahoma.

Nellie Green stopped by the EAA Airventure Museum and saw artwork that WWII fighter pilots flew with on the side of their planes.

“Nose art… You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it on TV, but to see actual planes with the actual art is really something,” said Green.

EAA says that this kind of artwork on planes became popular in World War II.

Some of the nose art reflects the Pin Up Girls of the day.

Some may see it as risque, but it will always be a part of the USA’s war history

“It’s an important part of WWII, it was a reason that these boys, these men came home, they had something to look forward to, and they painted it on the side of their airplanes,” said EAA Curator of Collections Zack Baughman.

And you’ll see remnants of what the fighter pilots faced before coming home.

Patches on the panels can be found, representing damage that happened during combat.

“These were aircraft that were dropping bombs on Germany during the war also over in China,” said Baughman.

It’s another experience in Wisconsin that a Cowboys fan will take home with her.

“I have hard believing it’s painting on the real plane because it looks so great,” said Green.

Admission to the nose art display will be free on Veterans Day (Nov. 11)

The museum offers special rates for veterans and military members throughout the year.

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