Christine Ann Center wants Legos to help build community

Christine Ann Center

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And now the Christine Ann Center out of Oshkosh wants to turn your trash into a community builder.

There are small ones, big ones, red ones, and blue ones. Lego building blocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And as Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services prepares for its annual “Men Who Cook” fundraiser in February, it’s hoping the community will donate any unwanted Legos to help further the event’s theme, “Building a Caring Community”.

“We don’t need new sets. We need old, loved, vintage, whatever. The ones that you step on, on the floor, and go ‘Ugh, I hate these Legos.’ Now you have a place to take them,” says Beth Oswald with the Christine Ann Center.

The donated Legos will be passed out to kids in local Lego leagues. From there, the Lego masters will be tasked with creating designs and scenes that show what a caring community looks like.

Oswald says, “Whether it’s just playing in your neighborhood, neighbors know everybody and parents know every kid and what’s going on. Or if it’s helping out at school or raking leaves at Christine Ann or just helping out in the community so I’m hoping that they get that.”

While elaborate scenes could be auctioned off at the end of the February event, the creations are really about helping to spread the work of the Christine Ann Center.

“The guests will see that we really engage with the students and the youth in our communities to try and help with that prevention piece,” says Oswald.

And by getting the youth involved, the build will also help to teach them what christine ann is all about. Oswald adds, “Christine Ann has this image of it’s for battered women. Really that’s such a small part of what we do, so we’re trying to get these kids to understand that they can talk to us and we have the answers and we can help them.”

The Neenah-Menasha and Oshkosh YMCAs are accepting Lego donations as well as the Christine Ann Center.

Visit the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services website for more information on the collection and the “Men Who Cook” event.