Oshkosh police begin holding shift changes near drug house


OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – Police in Oshkosh are raising awareness about a house where they’ve seen issues with drug trafficking.

The house is on the 800-block of West 7th Ave., though police aren’t saying which house on this block.

Police say they’ve been keeping an eye on it since January.

Now police have put their mobile command unit on the street there. They plan to keep it there for 24 hours and conduct their roll call meetings there every 8 hours during shift changes.

We were at one of those meetings, where officers discussed the problems associated with the house, including numerous complaints of drug deals and disturbances at all hours.

“It’s not something we do, I’d say, very frequently, but when we’re not getting any cooperation or we’re not changing the behaviors of the people we’re having problems with, this is something that we’ll do to shed light on the issue and hopefull change the behavior,” Sgt. Matt Ziegler said.

Many of the neighbors, too, are fed up.

“Personally, I don’t like drug dealers in general. They’re a bad breed. They don’t need to be in our neighborhoods, and I for one thank the police department for doing what they’re doing to get rid of them,” Shawn Rickert said.

Asked why there haven’t arrested people at the house, Oshkosh Police said they couldn’t comment on that question because it’s an ongoing investigation.


Police say the goal is to make every officer and the community aware of what’s happening on West 7th Ave. so that eventually it stops.