Police: Murder suspect with ties to Green Bay captured in Kansas City


SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (WBAY) – Green Bay Police say a California murder suspect with ties to the Green Bay area has been captured in Kansas City.

Santa Cruz Police say someone recognized Kasey Gaskell from news reports and knew he was staying at a Kansas City homeless shelter. Police arrested him around midnight and notified Santa Cruz Police of the arrest early Friday morning.

Police believe 43-year-old Gaskell of Santa Cruz killed his mother, 66-year-old Shannon Magner, on Sept. 21 in a Santa Cruz apartment that he rented. A federal warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police were notified about the murder on Sept. 26. That’s when they found the victim’s body. The motive is still undetermined.

Gaskell fled the area after the murder.

His last known location was Kansas City back on Sept. 23. Santa Cruz Police thought there was a chance he would travel to the Green Bay or Greenleaf areas.

Gaskell has lived in the Green Bay area in the past. He has no known family connections in the Green Bay area, said Joyce Blaschke, community relations specialist with the Santa Cruz Police Department.

“We just knew that this individual may be coming to Green Bay through the Greyhound bus station to possibly Greenleaf,” said Captain Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department. “That information was based on 2006 information – we didn’t even know if it was valid.”

Gaskell has been known to stay at homeless shelters.

Prior to the announcement of Gaskell’s capture, Green Bay Police told Action 2 News that they didn’t think he traveled to the Green Bay area.

“We never had any credible information that he was in the city of Green Bay, so, it was more of a information only- to be on the lookout, attempt to locate – and just to keep the officers informed so that they would, if they were on patrol and he happened to be in the city, that they would know to take him into custody,” Capt. Warych said.

Capt. Warych says Green Bay investigators contacted Santa Cruz Police investigators this morning and it’s now believed that Kasey Gaskell never stepped foot in Green Bay.

Surveillance video from an ATM of wanted murder suspect.

Surveillance video from an ATM of wanted murder suspect.