Meals on Wheels’s next bright idea

light switches

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Wisconsin Public Service is teaming up with Meals on Wheels to deliver 800 LED light bulbs in the Green Bay area.

Drivers will distribute and install the bulbs free of charge to people in need, to help them save on energy costs.

The Brown County Aging and Disability Resource Center worked with WPS to load up delivery cars with light bulbs Friday.

“Having LED light bulbs, that can save a tremendous amount of money, are typically maybe a little more expensive, so somebody may not just go out and buy it, is a way of a wonderful give back by WPS to our older adults,” Devon Christianson of the ADRC said.

LED lights also last longer, meaning the disabled or elderly don’t have to get on a ladder as often to replace them.

WPS also installed new LED lights in ADRC’s facility in Green Bay.