Packers thrive with short passing game


With a rash of running back injuries, the Packers plans have changed. The offensive identity may well be to pass early and often moving forward.

“To throw the ball 56 times and still have an overwhelming advantage in time of possession is probably rare,” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers 39 minutes in time of possession were only possible because of Aaron Rodgers franchise record 39 completions.

“I don’t think that’s ideal or what we want to do,” said receiver Jordy Nelson. “But that’s the situation we have been put in.”

“They were kind of playing a bend but don’t break defense,” said receiver Davante Adams. “We knew it was going to be a catch and get some YAC type game.”

Shocking is the fact that Rodgers yards per attempt, already ranking a meager 26th in the NFL, only went down with his big night. Dink and dunk will do that.

“You do what you have to do, you play how you have to play,” said head coach Mike McCarthy. “Aaron did an excellent job managing all the different things that were going on.”

“This is how we’re going to have to play for a while until we get Knile up to speed and Don healthy,” Rodgers said. “I’m really happy with how Ty played, the short passing game was really an extension of the run game. It’s fun to win, so it’s whatever you have to do to win. I’m proud of the way that we responded.”

Ty Montgomery has definitely responded to opportunity. He went from being no part of the offense to its focal point in 2 short weeks. Montgomery had no catches and no yards rushing before the Cowboys game. But he has put up 230 total yards in the last 2 games, eclipsing 100 in each outing, touching the ball 19 times against Chicago.

“I’m a football player,” said Montgomery. “As a football player I can do anything that’s asked of me. That’s the mindset I have. We are battling some adversity right now. But the most beautiful things -I don’t want to steal too much from Mulan – but good things bloom out of adversity. Adversity is just a chance to see what you’ve really got.”

And by now you’ve heard all about Adams 13 catches, 1 shy of Don Hutson’s franchise record. Adams is now on track, with 5 touchdown grabs already this year, more than his first 2 seasons combined. His career day? Coming only 4 days after he suffered a concussion against the Cowboys.

“Mentally I was good from the jump,” Adams said. “That concussion protocol is no joke. It’s pretty extensive. They said I was good to go, and I knew I was good to go, so we were good.”

“Davante was given a lot of opportunities so we definitely took advantage of it,” McCarthy said.

“He feels like he was not able to be covered there for a while there,” Rodgers said. “And you saw it, he was basically telling me, let’s try this one or let’s try this.”

The Packers tried a lot, and most of it worked. It wasn’t an inspiring aerial display with downfield strikes, but 3 receivers did notch 10 or more catches for the first time in team history.

“It’s just amazing to be a part of something like that and to know my quarterback trusted me,” Adams said. “We just have to stack these things now.”

Next week Green Bay will travel to face an Atlanta defense that has not been good against the pass. They gave up 371 yards to Phillip Rivers today and were only ranked 26th against the pass entering the week.