Captain says high-speed, bullet-sprayed chase with civilian “never would have happened in Green Bay”

Madera Police Dept. Facebook Page
Madera Police Dept. Facebook Page

A California woman participating in her local police department’s citizen’s academy over the weekend took a frightening ride with an officer who ended up on a high speed chase. The driver of the car ahead sprayed bullets in their direction—and the woman was hurt.

Police cruiser dash-cam video in California shows the moment a citizen’s academy student learned just how fast things can change on patrol. The officer behind the wheel tried to pull someone over, but ended up on a high speed chase.

“No no no! Don’t follow him!” the citizen’s academy student can be heard screaming between sobs—right before a loud ‘bang’ from apparently twelve or so rounds being fired off from the passenger’s side.

The police cruiser was too damaged by the gunfire to continue the chase. The patrol passenger was injured by flying glass from the shattered windows.

The two fortunately survived—but some police question whether it should’ve happened in the first place.

“This would never happen in the city of Green Bay,” Green Bay Police Captain Kevin Warych told Action 2 News.

That’s because Green Bay Police Department rules insist officers avoid all “high risk situations” if they take someone on patrol with them—which is common, Warych said.

“We would never put that ride-along in that situation because we understand the dynamics of policing and how much of a risk people take and officers take on a daily basis when they go out on patrol,” he said.

Warych says he has no plans to change ride-along rules after this shooting in California. He wants the public to know—ride-alongs here are safe, and encouraged.

“This just reinforces the policy that we have in place and the protocols we have to protect the applicants that choose to do a ride along,” said Warych.