Dish Network scam: Callers may already have your credit card number

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WAUSHARA COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Waushara County sheriff is warning about a scam targeting Dish Network customers. A local woman says the scammers already had her credit card number.

A woman in Waushara County says someone posing as an employee of the satellite TV provider called her, saying the company is changing satellites so customers will need to buy new receivers.

The caller gave her information that she has on file with Dish Network and knew her credit card number. The caller gave her a phone number for calling the “company” back.

When the woman called that number, she got an answering machine.

Her next call was to her bank.

The bank changed the credit card number and protected the account. According to the sheriff, someone tried using the account to make a purchase unrelated to the Dish Network.

The next time the Dish Network “representative” called, it was to get a new credit card number and some additional information.

The woman called the phone number for Dish Network on her paperwork, and a representative — a real representative — said no, they’re not making changes, and no, you don’t need new receivers. The woman was directed to Dish Network’s fraud unit.

Sheriff Jeffrey Nett says law enforcement is seeing scammers get bolder. “It seems to work the best when the citizens tell the caller that they are going to contact law enforcement. At this point the callers tend to hang up.”