Feingold votes early

Russ Feingold

MIDDLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – Fifteen days until election day, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold cast his ballot in his hometown of Middleton during a rally to promote early voting.

Feingold is hoping to get his seat back from incumbent Republican Ron Johnson.

Over the weekend, Johnson called Feingold a “phony,” first during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board and then at a campaign rally in Waukesha.

Feingold was asked about the name calling, and said he respects Sen. Johnson and the office he holds and prefers to keep it civil.

“I’ve not heard a lot of that thing in the races I’ve been in in the past,” Feingold said, “but I realize when somebody’s desperate, when a politician feels like he’s probably going to lose, he gets a little shaky on that and starts maybe doing some things he shouldn’t do, but, look, it’s not my concern.”

Johnson trails Feingold by an average of more than 5 points in the most recent statewide polls. A political action committee backing Johnson says its own polling gives Feingold a 2-point lead, putting them in a statistical tie.