Seven-story building proposed for downtown De Pere

De Pere River Watch artist concept

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) — Downtown De Pere is seeing a development boom and a seven-story building could be the newest addition.

Construction has already begun on The 102 on Broadway luxury apartment project.

A De Pere developer will present a plan for their building, just a block south of The 102, with a mix of retail and housing options to De Pere’s Planning Commission Monday night.

The developer said the development, River Watch, is already getting people excited.

“We have strong interest. I personally believe there’s quite a bit of pent up demand for condominiums,” said River Watch Development managing director Rich Susens.

As many as 20 condos, which are expected to sell for $200,000 to $700,000, make up four stories of the proposed seven-story building.

The city says more people are wanting to live downtown, and that’s leading to more development.

“That’s where the excitement, that’s where people want to live. They can walk to the campus, they can walk to shops, their dinner, movie theater,” Susens said.

“You’re seeing a lot of demographics and a lot of folks really centering in on those areas because they’re really looking for great authentic experiences,” said Kim Flom, City of De Pere economic and planning director.

The building also includes space for retail and offices.

“We have a great and wonderful vibe in downtown De Pere. This building helps add to that,” Flom said.

The proposed building aims to keep the history of the downtown in mind, but said part of the history will be changing.

Developers have been working with Century Lanes and said the long-time bowling alley will close after construction begins, which is expected to be in March.

The plan is to refurbish the iconic sign for the new building.

“It’s reflecting the character that is already in De Pere,” said Flom.

Tenants are expected to move in about one year after construction begins, or March 2018.