Some Wisconsin early voters make ballot changes

In most cases the request to re-vote is to correct a ballot mistake, but this year that hasn't always been the case

Vote sign
(Photo: WBAY)

With the presidential election now just two weeks away, time is running out for people still deciding who to support.

Others have cast absentee ballots but could still change their mind if they think they made a mistake.

This is part of a Wisconsin law giving voters up to three chances to correct their ballot before it’s officially cast.

While the scenario is rare, some voters have expressed regret over their choice. It’s already happened at least once in Winnebago County.

“They could go to the clerk and say that they basically need to cast a different ballot. I don’t believe they even have to give a reason,” said Winnebago County Clerk Sue Ertmer.

In most cases the request to re-vote is made to correct a ballot mistake, but this year it hasn’t always been the case.

For municipal clerks there’s a process they must follow, and it can be time consuming.

Oshkosh City Clerk Pam Ubrig said, “All the ballots are secured in the vault at city hall. We would pull that from the group. We would let the individual, the voter, vote again and document that this was their second ballot issued. We’d keep a record of that, so they would only have up to three opportunities.”

However, with more people choosing in-person absentee voting the need for the state’s so called “three strikes” law isn’t likely to go away.

Ertmer said, “The fact that they started this in-person absentee voting sooner than normal might be part of it. Just the overall interest in this election might be getting people out there now. Plus, I think it’s a convenience for some people who don’t want to wait for election day.”

The cut-off for correcting a ballot is November 4. That’s the final day for in-person absentee voting.

After that, they’re officially cast.