Green Bay holds open house to discuss budget and tax proposal

Mayor Jim Schmitt at open house

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Tuesday, people in Green Bay got to ask questions about the mayor’s budget proposal which raises property taxes.

The city held an open house where the mayor and other city representatives discussed the budget proposal to raise taxes 1.9 percent next year.

Mayor Jim Schmitt says the city hasn’t seen an increase in five years and he wants to ensure city employees, especially in law enforcement, are getting paid a fair wage.

“Our three biggest departments are Police, Fire, and Department of Public Works, so those are fairly not only people-heavy but also equipment-heavy,” Mayor’s Chief of Staff Celestine Jeffreys said.

Some of the revenue would also benefit parks, the city’s retirement fund and maintaining the city’s infrastructure. The majority of the new tax money would go toward the police department.

The city council will discuss the budget on November 7.

If the tax is approved, it would go into effect at the start of 2017, and the average homeowner would pay an addition $20 a year.