Halloween weather trivia

Halloween spooky background

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – There are a lot of scary things at Halloween time, but not so scary as the idea of trick-or-treating in the snow. What are the chances of that happening this year?

Here are some facts and figures provided by the National Weather Service, which has records for Green Bay going back 130 years. For Halloween weather statistics for Appleton, Rhinelander and Wausau visit this National Weather Service page.


Since 1886, the average high temperature on October 31 in Green Bay is 52 degrees, with an average low of 36. But some Halloweens strayed from that pattern.

Warmest: It was 74 degrees in 1950. There have been four Halloweens since 1886 with highs in the 70’s.

Coldest: 18 degrees in 1917 is the only Halloween on record in Green Bay with a low below 20 degrees.

Warmest low: It never got below 55 degrees on Halloween in 1900. The average temperature for the entire day was 62.5.

Coldest high: Not much surprise, 1917 again. The daytime high was 32 degrees, with an average temperature for the 24-hour period of 25.

According to the National Weather Service, your chance of high temperatures in the 50’s on October 31 are just as good as highs in the 40’s — 32% and 33% of Halloweens since 1886 respectively. Less common are highs in the 60’s (20%) and in the 30’s (12%).


Rain and snow

In 2013, trick-or-treaters had to deal with 1.17″ of rain. The next year — just two years ago — there was a trace of snow. Do you remember? Thankfully, that isn’t typical.

Green Bay has had no precipitation or only a trace (less than 0.01″) on Halloween 87 times in the past 130 years — that’s two out of three. Only 5 times did we get half an inch or more of rain or snow on Halloween.

Wettest Halloween: 1.44″ of rain fell in 1960.

Snowiest Halloween: 1″ of snow fell on October 31, 1895, but it didn’t stick around.

White Halloween: In 130 years there has been only one “White Halloween,” in 1917. There was one inch of snow on the ground that day. With an average temperature of 25 degrees the snow couldn’t melt.


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