Schools increase security for elections

Vote sign
(Photo: WBAY)

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) — School districts are taking extra precautions on election days, as a rather volatile election season enters its final weeks.

With thousands of voters expected to cast ballots in area schools, administrators say student safety must still come first.

Like many schools, the doors at Franklin Elementary School in Oshkosh aren’t open for anyone to walk in, but that’s about to change November 8.

“We lock the doors every day and we certainly question everyone coming into the building every day and now we’re opening up those doors for our voters,” said Jami Kohl, Franklin Elementary School’s principal.

The school is one of six Oshkosh schools out of the district’s 22 schools that is being used as a polling location for voters.

“Our schools are pretty well locked down and secured. Election Day brings a whole different picture to us,” said Stan Mack, Oshkosh Area School District superintendent.

Schools that are polling places said they try to be as helpful as they can for voters, but making sure that students stay safe is the top priority.

Directing voters and keeping them away from kids is a well-thought out process.

This election will be the first time schools will have city staff on hand to make sure voters stay where they’re supposed to.

“Because of, I guess I would call even a greater polarization of society right now because of the election time, we’re even more cautious about individuals coming into our schools and wanting to protect our children,” Mack said.

Oshkosh schools said their number one priority is to make sure kids stay safe.