18th State Senate District Race Heats Up


FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) — The race for the 18th State Senate District is heating up.

Candidates in Wisconsin’s only district without an incumbent got the word out to a different group of voters Thursday.

“We feel it’s a good opportunity to connect with the young people within our communities throughout the entire district to let them know why they should be supporting me in this upcoming campaign,” said Republican Dan Feyen, 18th State Senate District Candidate.

“It’s just an opportunity for them to meet us close up and to get to know us, but I think it will also have the effect of encouraging them to actually vote,” Democrat Mark Harris, 18th State Senate District Candidate, said.

The goal was to get students ready for all of the names on his or her ballot.

“It is quite overlooked, especially in the heat of the presidential debate and all of the attention that gets thrown around there, that the down ballot local candidates don’t get enough spotlight,” said Thornton Albertz, UW-Fond du Lac Student Government President.

Candidates said when talking to students, they are able to stress different items than they do when they’re talking to the general public.

“Emphasize the issues I’m voting on with more focus on education than other issues,” Harris said. “State funding of post-secondary education is a real issue.”

“Focus more on the education part due to the fact that we’re at a university, but we’re going to talk about the other things as well because it’s very important in this election,” said Feyen.

Both candidates said campaigning is going well, but they don’t often get to speak to young people and welcome an opportunity like this one.