Waupaca H.S. Comet House program gaining support


WAUPACA, Wis. (WBAY) — Waupaca High School’s Comet House program continues to soar.

Students are learning construction skills by building fully functioning homes. They’re on their third build this year and now they’re getting from some local businesses.

Students are effectively building the foundations of a home and their careers.

“Just the fact that we can offer that opportunity here at the high school level is pretty neat,” says Dave Larson.

Larson is the school’s Technical Education instructor. He’s taught students to build homes from scratch for several years now, and it seems more area businesses are taking notice.

More supplies are being donated, and one business bought a plot of land on which students will build their newest Comet House.

Students aren’t only using the tools of the trade and learning the skills of the trade, some of the students are already getting hired.

“Company I work for, they’re sponsoring the project and I’m going to be working there the next semester – be working there full time,” says student Seth Piencikowski.

Full-time right out of high school Larson says there are even more opportunities for younger students like Seth.

The Job Center of Wisconsin website shows roughly 450 construction jobs are available just in northeast Wisconsin. There are over a thousand statewide.

“[Employers are] starving for employees that have some entry level skills which is what we’re trying to provide for these guys who are taking this class,” Larson says.

“Definitely glad that we can have this program here and that students can learn and experience everything,” said Piencikowski.

Larson says he hopes to have students building on site very soon and to have the entire home built by sometime next year.