Demonstrators march for men convicted in 1992 Monfils murder

Monfils Six

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Demonstrators gathered around the Brown County Courthouse on Friday, insisting on the innocence of the men convicted in the death of a paper mill worker more than two decades ago.

Six men were convicted in the 1992 death of Tom Monfils, whose body was found in a paper mill pulp vat in 1992. One of the men, Michael Piaskowski, had his conviction overturned. Another, Keith Kutska, is in the process of appealing his conviction.

The demonstrators held signs, marched and read the named of the convicted men, followed by chants of “not guilty.” Organizers say the evidence in the case doesn’t support convictions.

“I find it real difficult to believe that we’re going to find six average work a day paper mill workers who are going to become conspirators for murder in silence and then maintain that for this long a time,” said Denis Gullickson, author of “The Monfils Conspiracy.” “We’re talking about convictions that occurred 21 years ago.”

Kutska’s attorneys have argued that Monfils died by suicide. The state says that argument is flimsy.