Community raises money for family of Hobart house fire


HOBART, Wis. (WBAY) – Rob Hock took us inside his Hobart home Saturday, showing us the damage done by a fire that spread quickly.

“When this happened, you just, you’re lost. You know, all you can think of is, ‘I lost everything. My kids lost everything,'” said Rob.

The fire happened in early October.

“From the very first night, our neighbors, our friends, strangers, offering help in any way and every way possible,” said Rob.

The Hobart community is trying to help the Hocks get back on their feet after their home was destroyed.

“It’s the most important thing is to rally around the family,” said Linda Hieronimczak, part owner of Daydream Acres, located just up the road from the Hock’s home.

“This is just our way of giving back,” said Ron Hieronimczak, Linda’s husband.

Daydream Acres offered to host a benefit, and on Saturday, hundreds came out to show love and donate money to the Hocks and their children.

“Rob and Jamie would do this for any of their friends, and it’s really been wonderful to see the community pour their hearts out and embrace them,” said Hock family friend Courtney Van Boxtel.

Jamie Hock says her family has relied on each other for strength.

“We’re stronger than I thought we ever were,” she said.

Rob says the family still doesn’t know what they’ll do next, but he knows his family will make it because they have each other and the community supporting them.

Saturday was just part of a larger fundraising effort for the Hock family. Friends have also set up an online website for people to donate. The family also has a P.O. Box in their name.

Rob and Jamie Hock

PO Box 11446

Green Bay, WI 54306-1446