Local political parties, voters react to FBI investigation of Clinton


NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) – The new FBI investigation surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is drawing reaction from local candidates of both political parties and even voters.

While most Democrats are staying silent on the email investigation, local Republicans are sounding off.

“It has to be some very serious information that the FBI had received for them to re-open the investigation 11 days before the election,” said Marian Krumberger, chairperson for the Brown County Republicans. “It must be of a very serious nature.”

While local Democratic party officials did not want to go on camera, they did refer to this statement released by the Clinton campaign:

“We are confident this will not produce any conclusions different from the one the FBI reached in July.”

-John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign chairman

Some voters say this latest news is another reason they’re fed up over the state of the presidential election.

“Just like the Wiki-leaks releases, just like the release of the tape with Trump, all of it is just politics,” said James Mishler of Appleton. “They play, they play, they play. There is always an October surprise, and they all try to hit each other to pound each other to get those last few votes.”

“The only way anything is going to get better is if people realize that this isn’t just a bipartisan country or democracy,” said Demitri Giavanni of Appleton. “We can vote third party, which is what I’m doing.”

A new poll by Marquette University Law School will be released next week. Whether the email investigation causes a shift — the way the Trump tape release did — will be something to watch.