Investigators: Men targeted local Cellcom stores with fake credit cards

sheriffs squad car lights

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) – Two Illinois men are accused of targeting Cellcom stores in Northeast Wisconsin in attempts to purchase merchandise on fake credit cards.

The men were arrested Oct. 28 after they were caught trying to use the fake cards at a Cellcom store in the Village of Bellevue, according to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Brown County deputies responded to a panic alarm at the Cellcom store on Costco Way. Employees said two men were trying to buy electronics using fraudulent credit cards.

The men have been identified as Dwayne Mays Jr., 28, and Mykal Hasan Howard, 28.

Investigators say Mays identified himself at the Cellcom store with a California ID with the name “James Curry.” The Sheriff’s Office says investigators found several credit cards with the name “James Curry” in the suspects’ vehicle.

The California ID did not come back on file and is believed to be a fake.

Earlier that day, Howard and Mays tried to purchase merchandise with the fake cards at Cellcom stores in Two Rivers and Manitowoc, but were unsuccessful, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

During the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office learned that two men had purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from two separate Cellcom locations in Sheboygan on Oct. 20.

Investigators found room key for a motel in Glendale, Wis. on Mays. A man by the name of “James Curry” had checked out on the morning of Oct. 28.

The Sheriff’s Office says evidence shows the men were planning to hit up Cellcom stores in Pulaski and Appleton.

If you have any additional information, call Brown County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Roman Aronstein at (920) 448-6190.