Testing the future of our waters


KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) – Kids in the Fox Valley are testing the waters of a possible career in wildlife management.

On Sunday, kids went into the water of Kankapot Creek to test how clean it is and to see what type of insects are living in it.

They found that the water isn’t dirty enough to attract invasive species or leeches.

The young volunteers did find plenty of crayfish and small bugs.

This is a project run by Fox Valley Technical College’s Natural Resources Department.

“We are environment superheroes, and I like helping the environment,” said volunteer Julian Truyman.

The Natural Resources Department is working to learn how suspended solids and phosphates are affecting the flow of water into the Fox River.

“So far a lot of them are very, very cloudy, very dirty. The sediment build up is bad enough where it cuts off a lot of the plant growth,” said Melissa Hansen, Stream Sampling Coordinator.

The kids are collecting key information that will help understand how to make water cleaner.

“Things can move pretty slowly with this. You have to collect data, analyze the data, put a plan in place, and by the time that happens they can be the ones in charge of it so getting them involved it is really key here,” said Julie Dickson, Natural Resources Department.

The kids said they really enjoyed learning, and they want to do this kind of testing in the future. That’s music to the ears of Fox Valley Tech’s Natural Resources Department and they hope other people will decided they’d like to volunteer.