Retired Senator Herb Kohl campaigning for Democrats

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Herb Kohl, former U.S. senator and former owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, traveled Wisconsin on Monday on behalf of Democrats.

In Green Bay he condemned what he calls Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and lack of civil discourse.

Speaking for Hillary Clinton, Kohl says he believes the deciding factor in her favor is her experience.

“The presidency is not an entry-level job,” Kohl said. “I think everybody would agree with that. On the one hand you have somebody who has worked their entire adult life on public activities and public affairs on the issues that people all over the country are worried about: Their education, their children, their job, their retirement…their economic status. All the things that people in the country worry about, she’s been working on for her entire life with quite a bit of accomplishment. And now she’s running for president.”

Kohl also criticized FBI Director James Comey’s decision to investigate newly discovered emails and questioned the timing of the announcement.

“Why would he revisit this a week or 10 days before the election without at the same time talking about new, very important facts?”