Write-in votes toward registered candidates will only be tallied in Wisconsin

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – Appleton City Clerk Kami Lynch won’t be tallying your write-in votes for Mickey Mouse or Aaron Rodgers this 2016 election.

“Only registered write-ins will be counted, physically votes tallied, for those offices or those candidates,” said Lynch.

A bill that became law in 2014 made it so candidates must fill out paperwork to become a write-in.

Though their names don’t appear on the ballot, writing in the name of a registered write-in candidate has the same effect as filling in the circle for a “ballot candidate.”

“We do not provide those lists at the polling place. However they are available upon requests,” said Lynch.

You can find the Wisconsin Elections Commission list here. The list includes nine registered write-in candidates for president, two in the 8th Congressional District race and one in the 57th State Assembly District.

Assembly Bill 419 had bipartisan support.

State Representative David Murphy (R-Greenville) was a co-sponsor.

“That was a bill looked mainly from the standpoint of the clerks and how much work they have to do on elections,” said Murphy.

Murphy believes it’s also a safeguard.

“You would never want somebody elected who didn’t say beforehand I would like to be elected,” said Murphy.

At Lawrence University multiple students, some who’ve already voted, aren’t writing in names for president.

Freshman Scotia Dettweiler is voting for Hillary Clinton. She does have suspicion though that some of her peers will write in Bernie Sanders.

“At this point there’s no point in voting for him; he’s not running and I think it’s a waste of the vote,” said Dettweiler.

But if you do write in a non-registered candidate your ballot won’t be disqualified.

“It’s accounted that there was a scattered write-in that office, and then all other offices are scattered normal,” said Lynch.