Humane Association reports 7 dogs stolen from yards

Lost Dog sign

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – The Fox Valley Humane Association is warning dog owners and neighbors to be alert after seven dogs were reported missing.

They were taken from their owners’ yards, mostly while those people were home. The dogs were tied up or in a kennel.

The disappearances have been similar, with thieves leaving the collars and tie-downs behind.

Three dogs went missing in Greenville in the last six weeks.

Their owners are trying to find them, and in doing so they contacted the town constable, who also works at the local animal shelter.

“I started to put things together and contacting other dog owners that filed reports here and were finding that the same things were happening,” Constable Vicki Prey said.

It turns out there were seven dogs in Outagamie County missing under similar circumstances.

“They are leaving collars behind. Collars have been cut in half, chain-link collars have been removed, and there is absolutely no trace of these dogs anywhere,” Deb Lewis, Fox Valley Humane Association executive director, said.

The type of dogs are alike, too, which concerns the Humane Association.

“They’re real large. Three of them were huskies, two were labradors, and two were mixed breeds,” Lewis said. All weighed over 75 pounds.

Right now law enforcement isn’t involved, but they want to be.

“You can still report it to your Humane officer or call the Humane Society to let them know you’re missing something, but we need to know as well,” Outagamie County Sheriff’s Sgt. Nathan Borman said. “Every day we deal with dogs that wander off or have gotten out of their collars — that’s normal. We still want to hear about that, too. But in this case, if it is something more malicious, that would be concerning.”

The Humane Association says it’s going through all of its lost dog reports to see if there are additional cases that may be linked.

It’s asking dog owners to be more aware when putting their dogs outside and regularly check on them.