Can’t kill the Colts early


Packers 21, Colts 3.

That was the halftime score the last time these 2 teams met 4 years ago.

But, in the end, Green Bay would endure the biggest 2nd-half collapse in franchise history while Andrew Luck achieved his first 4th-quarter comeback.

“I don’t think you can count any NFL team out,” said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. “That’s the beauty of competing in the National Football League each and every week.”

In only 63 starts, Luck has 17 game-winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime.

The Colts may not normally play with a lead. They are often a danger to themselves early, but a danger to others late.

“Andrew Luck is a great player, can make all the throws,” said defensive lineman Kenny Clark. And Frank Gore is a great running back. Then T.Y. Hilton is a beast out there. They have a really good offense and a lot of weapons they can use. I’m not surprised that they can come back in the 4th. They can make plays out there.

Aaron Rodgers has been at it a lot longer than Luck, but has 3 fewer game-winning drives.

“You know (Luck)’s doing a great job for them. He’s a franchise quarterback and they’ve been fortunate enough to obviously hit on Peyton and then to be able to draft (Luck), having a great transition has been fun for them as an organization.”

The Packers have been a great first half team, but have only score about half as many points in the second half this year. Green Bay cannot afford to let off the gas Sunday.

“You want to finish out a game the right way,” said receiver Jordy Nelson. Obviously Luck has had success bringing them back, cutting it loose down the stretch and making some plays, but I think every game we go into we want to play a full game and finish it off the right way.”