Green Bay teens hear powerful message about drunk & distracted driving

An on-stage presentation called "Wrecked at Weidner" brought to life the tragedies and consequences related to drunk and distracted driving.

Wrecked at the Weidner

Green Bay, Wis. (WBAY) – A powerful message about drunk and distracted drivers has gone out to Green Bay area teens.

Thursday’s presentation called “Wrecked at the Weidner” on the U-W Green Bay campus demonstrated the risks and tragedies that could result from making the wrong choice.

“Green Bay area public schools didn’t really have anything that exposed their students to distracted driving or drug and alcohol use while driving and so it was something that we all felt very passionate about and so we actually just started this program from scratch and had a lot of collaborators,” said Sarah Beckman who is one of the six Green Bay Leadership graduates who put the project together.

The project is fully funded by the Hospital Sisters Health System. The narrator of the presentation was Officer Mike Knetzger who lost his teenage daughter Ashley to a drunk driver 8 years ago. He says it’s been his goal since to share his daughter’s story.

“My goal is to hopefully make that impact long-term so it encourages a teenager to make the right decision or to speak up and help prevent tragedy,” said Officer Knetzger.

Some teens who sat in the audience admitted they’ve been irresponsible behind the wheel, but Thursday’s message is a lesson learned.

“I think it could never happen to me that’s what I thought and I had that mindset so I never really thought twice when I’m texting or whatever but now the girl who talked last she was high school, prom queen, it can happen to anybody,” said Logan Lepine a student at Southwest High School.