Benefits of this mild November weather

Maple trees in fall
(Photo: Kim Kafura)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – You won’t hear many complaints, and it won’t last forever, but the weather is gorgeous. If you had to double-check your calendar recently, it really is November.

In farm fields around Denmark, standing corn is disappearing fast. The local feed mill is welcoming farmers by the minute.

Farmers are calling this fall’s harvest exceptional, with high yields and low moisture content in the grain.

“With the weather where it is this has been a good week as far as corn, the beans I would say are off for the most part,” Nate Scheuers, manager of United Cooperative Denmark, said.

Farmers aren’t the only one smiling over the mild start to November.

Construction crews working on the new Meijer store in Howard say they’re ahead of schedule and counting their blessings.

“Stuff could really be hitting the fan, you know. It could be freezing rain and snow and long underwear,” construction worker Steve Schmidt said.

For those not working Thursday, some time outdoors was a must.

“Loving it all. Got the grandkids out for a walk,” Nancy Moran from Green Bay said. “My daughter and son-in-law just moved here from California, and he’s never experienced the fall before, so he thinks this is typical, so we’re just going to let him think that.”

Because eventually, and perhaps not too far off, the weather will match the calendar.

“It’s almost too good to be true. You don’t feel like the holidays are coming, just keep waiting and I’ll take it as long as it comes,” Moran said.