Manitowoc installs flashing crosswalk lights

school crossing sign

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) – Police want drivers and pedestrians, especially young pedestrians, to be aware of new crosswalk lights in Manitowoc.

Crossing lights were recently installed at the intersection of North 9th Street and Waldo Boulevard, near Wilson Junior High School and Immanuel Lutheran School.

Warning lights are intended to help students and others cross Waldo Boulevard more safely.

LEDs will turn on when a pedestrian pushes a button on the bright yellow posts, indicating to drivers someone wants to cross. The lights will flash for about 30 seconds.

Manitowoc Police are asking parents to talk with their kids and teach them how to use the crosswalk button, but to still always look in both directions two or three times before crossing the street and keep looking for traffic until they’re safely across.