Neenah Police investigating more suspicious candy complaints

Photo: Katie Nicole/Facebook
Photo: Katie Nicole/Facebook

NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) – The Neenah Police Department has taken additional complaints about suspicious candy after a mom went public with a photo of a nail in her daughter’s Halloween candy.

The police department is sending all evidence related to this investigation to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab in Madison for analysis.

Police did not release any information about these additional complaints or what was found in the candy.

Action 2 News spoke with mom Katie Van Dyke who found a nail in a Tootsie Roll Tuesday. Van Dyke said she took her 14-month old daughter out trick or treating in a friend’s Neenah neighborhood Monday. They visited houses in the area of Higgins Avenue and Maple Street between Laudan Boulevard and Division Street.

According to Van Dyke, “I reached my hand into the candy and right away I was like ugh, ow! I didn’t know what it was and I started looking and it was sticking right out of the Tootsie Roll.”

A second family with a similar story of finding a nail in a Tootsie Roll after trick or treating in Neenah has also come forward, adding additional credibility to Van Dyke’s story.

Stu Zuehls, Neenah Police Department’s Community Liaison Officer says, “Anybody that puts candy out in a bowl or gives candy to the kids in our community and then puts a nail in it, I’ve got a real problem with that. Being a parent myself and we’re hoping to find whoever did this.”

Neenah isn’t the only Wisconsin city dealing with a Halloween candy investigation. Wisconsin Rapids Police say a trick or treater found a nail inside a Tootsie Roll.

Police are encouraging parents to check their children’s Halloween candy. Any candy that is suspicious should be turned over to police.

Officers says parents can visit their local dentist or doctor to have candy x-rayed.

Action 2 News’ Emily Matesic is working to gather more information on this investigation. She’ll have a full report tonight.