Neenah Police receive more tampered Halloween candy complaints


NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) – Neenah Police say its received more reports of possible tainted Halloween candy.

We first told you yesterday about a woman who found a nail in a Tootsie Roll her daughter received while trick or treating on Monday. Police say they’re taking all of the complaints seriously.

It started with a call Tuesday night to police. Katie Van Dyke found a nail had been pushed into one of the pieces of candy her daughter was given while out trick or treating Monday afternoon in Neenah. The publicity around the incident led to a second call to police, another parent also claimed to have found a nail in a Tootsie Roll collected by his kids.

According to Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson, “In one case specifically, somebody had found something, but they had already disposed of it so we weren’t really able to follow up on that.”

Police are however following up on another complaint. A suspicious substance was found in two other pieces of candy, brought to the police department. Those items along with the Tootsie Roll from Katie Van Dyke are all being analyzed for evidence.

Chief Wilkinson says, “We don’t want to be sticking our fingers in there and tearing them apart and contaminating it with DNA, our DNA so we’re just taking those things and sending them to the crime lab.”

While no one was hurt from any of these incidents, police are still taking the cases seriously as they plan to get to the bottom of these Halloween tricks.

“There’s a wide range of possibilities of what they may find,” says Chief Wilkinson. “But on the one end of the spectrum, it may be that they find signs of tampering, a contaminate that has intentionally been put into the candy and the DNA of the person who did it and so we go track that person down and hold them accountable.”

While Neenah Police believe the state crime lab tests will take a couple of months to come back, they’re asking anyone with information about these incidents to give them a call.