Profile: Ron Johnson (R), U.S. Senate


It’s a political battle we’ve seen before, but will we see the same results this election?

Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is trying to keep his seat, while Democrat and former senator Russ Feingold is trying to win it back.

In a rematch of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race from 2010, Ron Johnson is once again facing Democrat Russ Feingold — but this time as the sitting senator instead of the political outsider he once was.

Back then, Johnson says, he decided to make the transition, giving up his job as CEO of an Oshkosh manufacturing company, because of concerns about the high cost of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare.

“I looked at the passage of Obamacare and knowing it would be the disaster it’s become would drive up premiums and people would lose their health care, and I saw these trillion dollar plus deficits, the fact that we are mortgaging our children’s future. I didn’t run for Senate because I want to be somebody that was just hoping to be a U.S. senator; I did it because I was panicked for this nation.”

As a senator, Johnson prides himself most on being a fiscal conservative. It’s something he says he learned at the age of 15 when he took his very first job as a dishwasher for a Walgreen’s grill, being paid $1.45 an hour.

Johnson says he worked full-time in high school to be able to afford college.

“Then, when I had the opportunity to move here to Oshkosh to start a business, I not only helped install the equipment with union millwright and plumbers and electricians, I operated it at nights, working shift work twelve to sixteen hours a day. Senator Feingold claims he’s for the working men and women. I’m not only for working men and women, I’m one of them.”

After being elected, Johnson says his biggest accomplishment in Washington has been his work as the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

“I’m doing exactly what Wisconsinites asked us too. Can’t you go there, get along and get something done? That’s exactly what I’ve done. I’m a business guy. I look for areas of agreement. I’ve worked hard to find those areas of agreement, and using that approach we’ve passed 83 pieces of legislation on my committee, 28 have been signed into law.”

If re-elected to a second term in November, Senator Johnson says his priorities will include legislation that protects the border, addresses cyber security, and rebuilds the country’s infrastructure, while combating any threat of ISIS.

However, the country’s growing national debt is something that’s also a tremendous concern.

“Senator Feingold doesn’t have a clue. Every one of his solutions grows government. Wisconsinites have to understand when you grow government, government is going to demand more of your hard earned money.”

Six years ago, Senator Johnson defeated Russ Feingold with 52 percent of the vote. Just as it was close then, recent polling reveals the race to be equally tight now.

But Johnson says there is a big difference between to the two every voter should be aware of.

“Don’t fall prey to his lies, distortions and class warfare. Actually take a look at who I am as a person, how genuine and sincere I am about serving and solving these problems, taking the tough votes. I’m in a perfect position to do so. I come from the manufacturing background. I’m an account. These are financial problems. I understand them and I’m willing to work hard to solve these problems.”

Senator Johnson has said he won’t seek a third term.

“I’m asking Wisconsites, send me back for one term, let, me finish out the four years of my chairmanship. I’ve already used it to great effect, I’ll even use it for greater effect and benefit for Wisconsinites and America.”