Rodgers & young receivers heating up


“A lot of white noise,” is what Aaron Rodgers called the criticism of his play an offense early this year. “I just stuck with my preparation that got me here. We have done a good job with some of the injuries, has made us be a little bit more creative because we have had to come up with ways to put guys in position to be successful.”

Rodgers has completed 72 percent of his passes the last 3 games, including 74% against the Falcons, with a very green group of receivers. 2 rookies and 1 second year player all grabbed their first NFL touchdowns.

“We have a lot of depth in our room,” said Randall Cobb. “A lot of guys can make plays, and that have the experience from this past week. And the more experienced those younger guys can get, the better we will be in the long run.”

“I think we did a lot of good things, especially as the younger guys getting in there, we did some good things,” said receiver Jeff Janis. “We are just going to look to build off of those.”

“They know I’m going to hold them accountable,” Rodgers said. “I have since they got here. Because when you get into crunch time situations where you have those guys out there playing big plays, a big number of players, you want to see those things show up.”

How far have the young guys come? Jeff Janis was the number one option on the touchdown he caught in Atlanta. Rookie Geronimo Allison had only been taking scout team wraps until last week. And rookie Trevor Davis displayed wisdom beyond his years when he scored his first NFL touchdown.

“To be able to extend the play and give Aaron a window to throw it in, I mean it’s a great throw, but it’s a great catch by him too,” said coach Mike McCarthy. “I thought it was an excellent confidence booster for him.”

“It gets a lot of the jitters out getting your first catch and your first touchdown and things like that,” said Davis. “And having that experience with him and gaining the trust with him and all the things like that for the future.”