Last Day for Early Voting

(WOOD file)
(WOOD file)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — Friday is the last day for early voting for many people in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Election Commission reports more than 685,000 people have voted early.

The state is estimating overall voter turnout to be 3.1 million, similar to what it was for the last presidential election.

Local clerks tell Action 2 News the number of people voting early is similar to four years ago as well

In the Town of Ledgeview, a short line formed Friday afternoon, as residents casted votes before Tuesday’s election.

“Today’s been extra busy because it’s the last day,” said Charlotte Nelson, Town of Ledgeview deputy clerk.

The town said since starting early voting October 24, more people have voted early than the number of people they are expecting to vote on Election Day.

“About 50 percent of the registered voters have voted already,” Nelson said.

Many clerks in northeast Wisconsin report the number of people casting votes early is similar to what it was four years ago.

In Ashwaubenon, about 3,000 people have voted as of Thursday evening.

There were 3,300 votes cast early in 2012. The clerk is expecting a similar number by Friday evening.

In Allouez, 3589 of the Village’s 9,137 registered voters have cast a vote. That is about the same as four years ago.

The Village of Hobart said about 40 percent of registered voters have voted already.

“We’re expecting a very big turnout with this election so it will be nice to just kind of have a few that came early so we can make sure that we can tend to the people who are coming in,” said City of Kewaunee’s Shelby Johnson.

Johnson said more than 300 of the city’s 1,500 registered voters have cast votes.

Even though some people in the state are able to cast votes Saturday, Friday is the last day to register to vote statewide before the election.

People can register to vote right before voting at his or her polling location on Election Day.