Profile: Jeff Dahlke (I), 6th Congressional District


Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District election is a race among three candidates.

Republican Glenn Grothman, who’s been serving in the House for the past two years, is up against Democrat Sarah Lloyd and independent Jeff Dahlke.

Born and raised in Denmark, Dahlke says he grew up doing chores around the family farm. His parents and grandparents still live in the village.

Dahlke says he’s running for Congress because the people holding office right now aren’t doing their jobs.

He worries about the solvency of the nation’s retirement programs.

“We need to fix Social Security. We need to make that funding available for everybody. We need to get back the $2.3 trillion that were stolen from that fund,” Dahlke said.

“They’re running short on their– their pensions aren’t looking very good. Their 401(k)’s aren’t very good. We need to make that process solvent again so that people have a future when it comes time to retire.”

Dahlke says he’s running as an independent so he can vote how his constituents want him to vote.

He says he believes strongly there are too many “suits” in Washington and not enough “boots,” meaning people willing to work hard to get something done.