Profile: Sarah Lloyd (D), 6th Congressional District


Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District election is a race among three candidates.

Republican Glenn Grothman, who’s been serving in the House for the past two years, is up against Democrat Sarah Lloyd and independent Jeff Dahlke.

A dairy farmer with international experience, Sarah Lloyd of Wisconsin Dells says a positive approach to politics can lead to real change for Wisconsin.

Lloyd is not a native Wisconsinite. She grew up in Minnesota, near Minneapolis, though her family owned a farm in Cambria.

Today she lives with her husband on their dairy farm in Wisconsin Dells. “We milk 400 cows, and we ship our milk to a cooperative off into the butter plant over in Reedsburg.”

Lloyd didn’t move to Wisconsin until the early 2000’s. “Moved to Wisconsin to the Lloyd farm in 2001. I ended up before that travelling around and working in Europe and studying.”

After earning her bachelor’s in environmental studies at Brown University in the early 1990’s, Lloyd studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Services, earning a master’s in rural development.

While living in Europe, she worked on forest management issues in Sweden, Finland and Russia before returning to Wisconsin where she eventually earned a Ph.D. in rural sociology at UW-Madison in 2012.

She’s been active in the agricultural industry since settling down in the Dells.

Lloyd served on the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and currently serves as president of the Columbia County Farmers Union, treasurer of the Wormfarm Institute, director of development and secretary of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative, special coordinator with the Wisconsin Farmers Union and also served in public office.

“I was elected to the Columbia County Board for two terms, and there I learned quite a lot about where the rubber meets the road.”

Lloyd says her experience makes her the ideal candidate to represent Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in Washington.

“We can definitely build a strong economy, and that’s what I bring to the table.”

Lloyd is looking to become the first Democrat to represent Wisconsin’s 6th since the late 1960’s, and the first woman ever to do so.

Her platform revolves mostly around improving the economy.

“I am working with people to talk about building an economy that will work for everyone and not leave people behind. I want to invest in our communities, in our schools, in our kids, and make sure that our seniors have retirement security.”

Lloyd believes those investments should begin at the ground level, in Wisconsin schools. “I want to see us investing in pre-K to 12th grade.”

“Let’s make sure that the federal education programs aren’t squashing, you know, schools and teachers and students ability to learn, but let’s make sure that we’re having accessible quality education for everyone.”

Lloyd also believes in investing in our nation’s infrastructure — fixing roads, investing in renewable energy — and investing in something she says is hard to believe is still a problem for rural families, including hers.

“I still don’t have broadband high speed internet on my farm, and I am, as a dairy farmer running a business, I have to do my payroll taxes online, I need to check the markets, I need to check the weather, and we still don’t have any access to high speed internet.”

Lloyd feels these investments will lead to jobs, better paying jobs that will allow families to prosper.

“Everyone does better when everyone does better, and that’s my vision and view of the world,” Lloyd says.

Which is why she’s against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement Lloyd feels will cost Wisconsin jobs.

Lloyd says she believes in America and will fight for its values and its future.

“Democracy is a long game, and you know electoral politics is kind of these short little running plays, maybe, maybe there’s a passing play in there.”