Wisconsin GOP leader wants early voting limits

Vote sign
(Photo: WBAY)

Early voting is now officially over in Wisconsin with higher turnout than in previous years.

But Assembly House Speaker Robin Vos is suggesting that changes be made to make the process more uniform across the state since right now individual clerks can decide voting times and dates.

On the last day of early voting state officials say more than 685,000 ballots have been received, which is way up from the 2012 presidential election.

While the process might be popular with voters it’s also facing some scrutiny.

Especially since voting times vary across the state.

“Even in Outagamie County, Grand Chute and Appleton go at different times. So for somebody whose trying to facilitate the process it makes it a little more difficult,” said Jim Duncan, vice-chair of the Outagamie County Republican Party.

Last July a series of voting limits passed by Governor Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers were struck down by a federal judge.

On Friday Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said, “We’re probably going to have to look at it again, to make sure that everybody in the state has the same chance to vote.”

Democrats say the process right now works.

“It’s not uniformity that counts, it’s maximizing the access to a constitutional right to vote,” said Mark Harris, a Democrat running for an open seat in State Senate District 18.

Harris added, “Some communities don’t have enough voting machines to keep the lines short on election day, so early voting really spreads out that time people are voting, makes it an easier thing to handle.”

Action 2 News also reached out to Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke.

Steineke said he no idea what Speaker Vos is talking about, and before any changes are proposed it’s something Republicans would have to discuss as a caucus.