ABC News announces coverage plans for the day after the election

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‪‪’The Day After: Where Do We Go From Here?’ Will Air Beginning Wednesday, November 9

‪‪ABC News announced unprecedented post-election coverage throughout the day on Wednesday, November 9 to report and analyze the results of the presidential and down ballot races, the reaction from the candidates, politicians, world leaders and the public, and the path forward for a divided nation. In the immediate aftermath of the election, ‘The Day After: Where Do We Go from Here?’ will look at what’s happening in real-time, examine the attempts the winning candidate will make to unify the country and put the historic vote in context setting the stage to cover these important issues for the foreseeable future.

‪‪Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Anchor Robin Roberts and the entire ABC News powerhouse political team will be up all night crunching the numbers and analyzing the breaking results that tipped the election to report the latest on ‘Good Morning America’ live from Times Square and the battleground states. The team will report on how America voted and why, the next President of the United States’ message to America, the new balance of seats in the Senate and House of Representatives and more.

‪‪ ‘World News Tonight with David Muir’ will host hourly Facebook Live streams beginning at 9:00 a.m., CT to recap election night, provide analysis on the results, report on minute-by-minute developments of the campaigns and collect reaction from around the country and world. The live streams will feature Anchor David Muir, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Co-Anchor and Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, “World News Tonight” Saturday Anchor and Senior National Correspondent Cecilia Vega, “World News Tonight” Sunday Anchor and Correspondent Tom Llamas and more.

‪‪ ‘Nightline’ will continue its in-depth look at the election with the launch of new docu-series ‘Inside the Transformation of a Nation’ highlighting the changeover of power, critical states that had the biggest bearing on the election and some of the memorable characters that have emerged from the 2016 campaign. The series follows “Inside the Final 30,” which documented the final days behind the scenes on the campaign trail.

‪‪ABC News Digital will launch the “Promise Tracker” to track the main promises that were made by the winning candidate during the campaign. Our ABC News political and investigative teams will keep tabs on each of the main pledges that the winning candidate made to see if they are following through or changing their plans. Additionally, ABC News Digital will be delivering live streams throughout the day from correspondents and producers across the country, getting reaction to the election results and talking with citizens about what comes next for the country.  Across all of its digital properties, ABC News will be monitoring the temperature of the country, providing analysis, and offering short-form video pieces that capture the sentiments across the United States – from jubilation to anger and everything in between.

‪‪ABC News Radio will provide extensive coverage of the day after the election. Correspondent Brad Mielke and Correspondent Alex Stone will continue to report on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively. ABC News Radio will provide one-minute Status Reports multiple times each hour and live coverage of any key events, speeches or news conferences.