Green Bay Animal Rescue has a Rebel with a cause


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Animal Rescue is asking for help after taking in an injured dog.

Two-year-old Rebel was injured after he jumped out of his owner’s pickup truck on the way to a hunting trip. His owner accidentally ran over his leg and tail.

Rebel was surrendered to the Animal Rescue for care and placement.

“He’s very happy, unfortunately does not realize how severe his injury is,” says Kathy DeChamps, Green Bay Animal Rescue.

On Tuesday, Rebel’s caretakers will find out if he loses the leg or if veterinarians can fix it.

“The damage on his leg is on the inside of the ankle,” DeChamps says.

Whatever happens, Green Bay Animal Rescue says they’ll need help paying for it.

“With or without that leg he’s just a gorgeous boy,” DeChamps said.

Rebel will be up for adoption. DeChamps hopes a family will fall in love with the hound.

If you would like to help Rebel’s cause, you can donate by visiting, or send donations to GBAR, PO Box 10334, Green Bay WI 54307.