Local clerks want you to be prepared for election day

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WISCONSIN (WBAY) – City, town, and village clerks were busy Monday preparing for election day.

They’re asking you to be prepared with a photo ID in hand.

The 2016 election will be the first major election in Wisconsin under the voter ID law.

“There’s a list of options individuals can look at,” said Buchanan Administrator/Clerk Joel Gregozeski. “There’s a website the state of Wisconsin has put together, called bring it Wisconsin. That list is on that website.”

Wisconsin also allows state IDs that have expired after a certain date.

“is not experienced before the November 2014 election,” said Neenah Deputy Clerk Laurie Goffard

But clerks want voters to know you can still vote tomorrow without an ID using provisional ballet.

“Basically the same ballot, instead of being counted on election day, it is held until 4 PM the following Friday,” said Gregozeski.

That’s the deadline for an ID to be provided to the clerk for the ballot to be counted.

People can still get a photo ID for free by visiting a DMV office with proper identification papers.

The DMV says even without identification papers it can still overnight a document with a photo ID of yourself for voting purposes.

“So an individual can go down to the department of motor vehicles, get that drivers license or voter ID for voting purposes and then bring that item back by 4PM on that following Friday,” said Gregozeski.

And if you’re not registered to vote, you can do that right at the polls Tuesday, but be sure to bring proof of your current address, like your voter ID, service bill or bank statement.

Clerk also want voters to make sure they know where their polling places are.

That can save confusion and headaches.

You can find your polling place by going to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/.

Election clerks also warn you should be careful about what you wear.

“At the polls, We suggest not to wear anything, obviously involving the candidates for president or local races as well,” said Goffard.

Chief election inspectors can ask those wearing political gear to remove or cover up the items.

If a person is wearing the gear to influence voters or if it causes a disturbance the inspector can ask those voters to leave.

Ballots will have instructions for you to make sure you fill out your ballot correctly.

Gregozeski hopes you double check your work.

“If at some point before you cast your ballot into the machine, you realize you voted for somebody that you didn’t want or want to remake your ballot you have two more chances,” said Gregozeski.

The ballot machine will beep when it registers your vote.

If it thinks you over-voted it will send out a code.

Then the ballot can be remade

But if you leave a race blank, the ballot machine won’t send out a code.

It will just assume you didn’t want to vote for that office.

“I would try the best, I know the machines can be finicky, I would try to make sure the lines match as best they can,” said Gregozeski.

And for those of you who are active on social media, be aware it’s illegal in Wisconsin to take photos of a marked ballot or show it to other people.

That means no “ballot selfies” or you could face a criminal charge.