Mike Daniels responds to locker room rant

Mike Daniels

“Pissed, you know there’s no other way around it and everybody is.”

Mike Daniels didn’t hold back when expressing his frustration after Sunday’s loss. Daniels was overheard yelling to teammates that he was tired of losing. A day after the loss, his feelings haven’t changed.

“I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you and say that we should’ve played much better and done a lot of things much better and we didn’t. We’re all held accountable, I hold myself accountable, I didn’t get home. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing,” said Daniels.

Against the NFL’s worst offensive line, the Packers defense fell flat. The Colts converted 50 percent of their third downs and strung together a 96 yard scoring drive to close out the first half.

“No disrespect to the teams but the two offensive lines, you know probably not the best that we’ve seen and we didn’t sniff the quarterback. We gotta be better.”

After 2 straight losses and an especially poor performance against the Colts, Daniels added that one of the more frustrating parts is the fact that the work and effort the Packers have put in at practice hasn’t translated to games.

“Nobody in this locker room should go home and get a good night’s rest tonight. Or for the rest of this week. That’s flat out. If you do, then I don’t know how much you care. It has to be noticeable that this team is pissed off. They’re angry. Someone pissed in their cheerios this morning, you know what I mean? That’s how its gotta be when we step on the field. It has to be noticeable and if it’s not, then we’re not getting it done.”